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On-demand custom activewear tailored to your unique style and performance needs, crafted by a professional activewear supplier.

Our activewear manufacturing capabilities

We proudly offer a stellar production capacity with our seamless line producing up to 300k pieces per month, and our four needles and six threads line contributing an additional 100k pieces monthly and lead time from 30 days.

Seamless production line

Our seamless production line has 140 machines. capacity is 300kpcs/month.

Four needles and six threads production line

Our four needles and six threads production line has 20 machines. capacity is 100kpcs/month.

Materials for activewear manufacturing

In activewear manufacturing, fabric choice is crucial for product quality, comfort, and performance. As a professional manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of fabric options, empowering our clients to create activewear that aligns with their brand and customer expectations

Label and Packaging for activewear manufacturing

We offer customizable labels and eco-friendly packaging options in activewear manufacturing. These elements not only enhance brand recognition but also improve the unboxing experience. Our diverse options help clients create a unique brand image, ensuring their activewear stands out in a competitive market.

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Quality Control for activewear manufacturing

We ensure top-quality and consistent manufacturing of activewear. Our expert in-house quality control team meticulously inspects each order, guaranteeing that it meets our high standards. If you’re not satisfied with your order, we’ll swiftly remake your parts at no cost or provide a refund, based on your preference. Your satisfaction and confidence in our activewear manufacturing process are our utmost priorities.

Our Qulity control process

quality control

Our Product Line

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Custom Design

Develop your own designs from scratch. Simply send us screenshots + notes or tech packs and we take it from there. 


  • No MOQ
  • Lead time: 10 days (in-stock fabrics)
  • Cost: Bulk Price
  • MOQ: 100/order, 1/style & color, mixed/size(traditional style)
  • 500/order,1/style & color, mixed/size (Seamless style)
  • Lead time: 30 Days (traditional style) 40 Days(Seamless style)

Private Label

Ready Design

The quickest way to test the market. Ready designs only with standard customization.

This is a great option for startups looking to test the market swiftly or those working within a tight budget


  • No MOQ
  • Lead time: 3 days (in-stock fabrics)
  • Cost: Bulk Price+Freight Cost
  • MOQ: No MOQ.We suggest ordering from 50pcs because of the shipping cost.
  • Lead time:10 working days


Generally our production time is 30 Days (traditional style) 40 Days(Seamless style). If you need customized color, the production time will 60days. If you need customized fabric, the production time will be 80days

If you need custom activewear, the moq is 100/order, 1/style & color, mixed/size(traditional style) 500/order,1/style & color, mixed/size (Seamless style).If you just need private label, you can choose our stock style, there no moq reuqirments.

Whatever the custom or private label clients. All clothing test 3 departments 10 times before shipping to ensure there are no problems when customers receive them

Yes,we can offer branding and labeling services. You can direct talk with us first , and then make sure which style label you want.

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