As a cut & sew manufacturer creating everything from scratch, certain services and products incur charges: 1. Custom sample cost 2. Bulk Production Unit Cost 3. Labels, Tags & Custom Packaging 4. Shipping of Samples 65. Shipping of Bulk Production + Duties/Taxes Pricing specifics depend on design complexity, required fabric, and order quantities, considering the […]

What are the benefits of using you guys vs doing this on my own?

Handling every aspect on your own demands time, knowledge, and effective time management for a successful start and operation. Collaborating with an experienced team not only mitigates costly mistakes but also liberates your time to concentrate on value-creating activities for your business. This approach ensures a manageable workflow, establishing a robust foundation for your venture.

What happens if I receive defective items?

For defective items, we will issue a refund for the affected pieces. Typically, there shouldn’t be too many defective pieces as we implement quality control measures from fabric to clothing.

Are my designs protected?

We do not sell or disclose any designs to other customers. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the confidentiality of your information, and we pledge not to share your designs and details with other customers.


If you’re checking quality, you can opt for a ready-design for reference, which is free; you only need to cover the shipping cost. For custom samples, fees will be charged based on our calculations, and these fees will be refunded when you place a bulk order

Are you guys able to create designs for me?

We understand the challenges of starting a new venture. Our designers are here to assist you, guiding you through the process, suggesting necessary photos, and helping you complete your first design to ease the initial difficulties.