A slight color difference in the same fabrics from different batches or orders can be attributed to several factors in the manufacturing process:

  1. Dye Lot Variations: Even when using the same dye formula, there can be slight variations in color between different dye lots. This is especially common in large-scale fabric production.
  2. Fabric Source: Fabrics sourced from different batches or suppliers may have subtle variations in color due to variations in the raw materials or dyeing processes used by different manufacturers.
  3. Environmental Factors: Changes in environmental conditions during the dyeing process, such as temperature and humidity, can impact the final color outcome.
  4. Dyeing Technique: Variations in the dyeing technique, equipment, or process parameters can contribute to slight color differences between batches.
  5. Fabric Composition: Different batches of fabric, even if labeled as the same composition, may have variations in the blend or quality of fibers, affecting how they absorb and retain dye.

To minimize these variations, our quality control team carefully selects samples from different batches to mitigate color differences and ensure consistent quality in the final products.